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Specializing in the Plumbing & Heating Industry in Western Canada since 2001

Cindy Delaney

Delaney & Associates is an Agency in Western Canada specializing in the Plumbing & Heating Industry. Established in June 2001, the head office is located in Calgary, Alberta and is managed by Cindy Delaney.

Cindy worked in the construction industry for 25 years, shifting her focus to plumbing in 2017 when she started working with Rick, taking over at his retirement in 2019.

Company founder Rick Delaney was actively involved in this industry since 1975, working in such diverse locations as Beijing, China and St John's, Nfld before specializing in Western Canada. He received the "CIPH Outstanding Service Award", and was President of the Regional CIPH area (Calgary) in 2004-2006.